Illuxcon 3 – my experience

View of the Artist Gallery from the second floor

Illuxcon was an interesting experience. First off, I am normally working behind a table or have art up at a show. It was strange being the one walking around with no obligations or places to be. It was also odd being in a place that was so familiar (I knew of the art and artists), but not really knowing anyone or them knowing me. In fact I got a couple of, “well if you try hard and keep working, you can be an artist” comments.  It is a little strange since I have been working in this field for so long and have quite a following, but I have crossed so few of these professional illustrator’s paths.

the crew the first night we arrived

So first off the awesome stuff. Grant Cooley and Sam Flegal let Paul and I travel down with them which was alot of fun. We had good conversations, some decent roadside food and the eleven hour trip went by fast. We also got adjoining rooms which allowed the Friday night party to be much larger. I really wasn’t feeling the vibe with the crowd at the party and resorted to my old party standby, sitting in the corner and sketching. But Todd Lockwood came over and we had a great talk about art, the horrors of politics, and printing 3D tractors. Continue reading Illuxcon 3 – my experience

Summoner Painting

11×14, oil on paper.

This painting was a commission for Kobold Quarterly. It is the cover for the Summoner Advanced Feats (Pathfinder) book. The assignment was interesting, because they asked to have a halfling summoner summoning his Eidolon which had to be a cross of “cute but dangerous”. It is not very often that you try to combine those features into one creature.
You can find the Book here: Advanced Feats: The Summoner’s Circle (Pathfinder RPG)

One of my masks in action!

One of our customers sent in this photo of her application of our latex jungle cat mask. I think it turn ed out pretty awesome!

This mask in our catalog: server dns information . nimbus cloud ip information . how to backup to icloud Tenopardgyse

Halloween, haunted houses and the underworld.

So tonight we went to Death Valley Haunted Woods. Being in the business I can appreciate all sorts of haunts, but this one was not fun at all. Which is really a shame because last year we had a really good time there. I do understand that this is a Tuesday, but there were 6 actors and no energy at all. Plus most of the props looked a little worn and tossed together. After last weeks awesome walk through Slaughterhouse, this was a real let down.

This is a lead up to our haunted house here, that we have each Halloween party. This year, to go with the theme of the Underworld party we are going with Hades. free proxy server . I don’t want to spoil anything, but I think we have some good plans and will have a fun entrance to the party.

Tomorrow night we are taking off from an official art night and instead having a more laid back costume night. We all have lots of work to do on our costumes and I look forward to having a less serious night after all the work we have done during the Halloween season. For the Saturday party I am doing a brand new costume – Lobo from the DC universe. I got a bunch of good props, just have to start putting them all together. For the real Halloween We are going to the 5 points pub crawl and I am going to revisit my creepy Scarecrow from Halloween. Brian Hulsey is hoping to have finished his demon orc silicone mask and will also be out. link check . Having two of our new aradani silicone masks out is pretty exciting.Grant is doing a crazy ass minotaur thing and I am sure laura will come up with something totally crazy to join us.

As always, we will have many pictures to post after the hoilday.

New Blog, just in time…

So our Halloween season is wrapping up, which means I have plenty of time to make some art. I have so many projects on my table, both personal and commissioned. electric cloud . First up right after Halloween I have a Zombie painting I am doing for Apex digest. I have a great model lined up and a good idea of what I am going to do.

After that I will be working on and finishing my Frazetta tribute painting.

I have a ton of new work, I just need to get it scanned and posted, so after oct 31st, expect to see a lot of new stuff!