Strange Portrait – Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allen Poe, oil on panel, 11×14, 2013.

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Aradani Studios Gallery

I started with Lovecraft, and then was commissioned to paint Poe. I think the final in the creepy series should be Stephen King.

I loved when we got to read Poe or other creepy things growing up, it is probably the reason I am so strange as an adult.


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New Art – Slender Man

Slender Man, 9×12, ink on paper.

In the past year or so, I have had a lot of younger people visit me at my shows and talk to me about Slender Man. I never quite understood what they were talking about because the stories varied so greatly. This last month, a friend of mine (Justin Webb), has been interning with Aradani at our show in Ohio. He also brought up Slender Man and pointed me to do some research on the web about him since my art reminds Justin of the Slender Man. The origin story of Slender Man is very interesting, as it is a myth that has been born in such a small time frame. The imagery of an elongated man has been around for a long time, as it is quite nightmarish. I feel like things like this live on the edge of consciousness and sleep, right before sleep over takes you and your thoughts seems to stretch out and become surreal.

So this is my first attempt at capturing Slender Man in image, hope everyone enjoys it!

Elfling Enchantress

Just finished a new drawing last night and getting ready to print!

Alfiren Enchanter, Pencil on Paper, 12x18.

This is a drawing that will be featured in my upcoming E-Book “The Elves of Uteria”, written by Dane Collins and myself. We are releasing a sample soon that will feature information on the Elflings of the Vale. Here is a little description of them:

Elflings, or Alfiren as they refer to themselves, average around three and a half to four heads tall. They are ordinarily quite thin, though they don’t exhibit the frailty one might expect in such a small frame.  Most have medium to dark brown hair, though I have seen a few with fiery red. Their eyes call to mind the goats of the north more than human beings.  They are quite large and wide-set compared to our own, resting on the sides of their heads and pointing outwards, giving them little depth perception but allowing them to see in most directions (it is nearly impossible to sneak up on an elfling).  Their pupils are large, diagonal slits in the center of reddish, green, or orange tinted irises.  Their ears are large and pointed like the fey, and they point straight out from the sides of their heads.  Both men and women alike wear their hair long, and typically keep it braided or pulled back into some sort of ponytail.  Their mouths are also a bit large in proportion to humans, which is accentuated by their perpetual broad smiles.  The Alfiren are quick, and as experience has shown, they are quite adept at getting into and out of places without raising alarm.

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