New Kickstarter – The Watcher Oil Painting Print Run

Hey everyone,

The other day I spent some time at the easel painting and I was thinking of new ways to reach new art fans. I have had so much success at Kickstarter, I decided I wanted to try my hand at an art focused project.

One of the big gambles making art is that you spend long hours planning and executing a painting, then print costs come into play, which can often be an expensive gamble for the artist. I have often finished a painting, thought it was the best thing I have done, run a bunch of prints, then never have them sell. So with the latest painting, I wanted to use crowd-funding to see if it is worthwhile to run a large print run.

So I launched this:


 I am really excited about this painting, and hope that its worth running a large print run!

New Artwork – The Edge of Madness

The Edge of Madness, 30″x40″, oil on wood panel

This was the main paintings I made for the Lovecraft show at Logue’s Black Raven Emporeum. The imagery comes from a half dream I had. I was almost asleep while thinking of the design for my final painting in the show. I saw a weird plane of existence, with a crack leading to another brighter plane. A strange flying machine floated in the distance and as I watched, a dark creature floated up its wings transparent and criss crossed with veins. I immediately jumped up and finished the sketch for the painting.

New Baen Book with my art as the cover!

Year and a Day, Ink on Paper, 9×12

A Year and a Day
by Sara M. Harvey

Purchase the book by clicking the image below:

When the Angel of Joy and the Angel of Vengeance take up residence in New York City’s East Village, they are in for more than they bargained for. He thinks he’s there to babysit his charming but irritating companion while she goes about her earthly mission. While that is mostly true, what he doesn’t realize is that the mission is him and the fate of his soul and that of the entire world hinges on her ability to teach him what he needs to discover about himself.

A Year and a Day is part urban fantasy, part romance, and all a love letter to New York City.


Stock for artwork by Tigg Stock.