Feelings about selling artwork

So I have a strange problem being an artist. I have a hard time selling my work. And not in the way most artists I know have, it is not that I don’t want to let go of the piece, I just never feel it is good enough to sell. ip information . I get really excited about the work while I am doing it, but once it is done I often get bored with it. When people ask me what my favorite piece is, I always say my next one. And this is because I see the issues with the last piece and know how I am going to tackle those problems on the next painting.

It is also not that I feel that I have not put in the effort on a piece; I just see all my mistakes and often feel like under selling myself. Put this in with my inability to be a salesman and close a sale, and my art sales have never been strong.

For example my friend Daniel bought one of my originals this month. I was honored that he wanted it and gave him a good price on it, but still when it came down to receiving the money, I started to feel like I needed to knock some more off the price. I realize this is a silly thing to feel, but I still feel this way.

I guess I am wondering if other artists have or have had this same feeling??

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2 thoughts on “Feelings about selling artwork”

  1. Well I hardly qualify as an artist, but I’m going to give my opinion anyway. You’re fucking brilliant now quit sniveling and charge what you’re worth!

  2. People beg me to sell most of the things I produce (the originals) and I feel so stupid when they do… I would love to make a living selling my art but I tend to feel like it isn’t “real art” and I undervalue the worth and think it’s all $12.99 at a yardsale value. Quirky part is I am reallllllly hard put to part with an original. As much as I undervalue my own work it’s like the pieces are my children and it pains me to part with it. Even more quirky as little as I feel it may be worth I feel if I sell an original the owner will sell prints and make 10x’s what I ever dreamed I could.
    Have you ever looked back at or posted a photo of something you did up and when looking at it thought, omg! Did I even paint that? I do all the time… I know, weirdo… right?

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