Further work on larger lovecraft painting.


Here is the latest photo of the 30 x 40 painting. I am calling it “the edge of madness”. Finished the first layer of the little flying machine on the left, next is to do a reference photoshoot for the flying cthulhu which will be on the right side of the canvas. So far I am pretty happy with the progress. I got the idea for the background when I was half dreaming imagining what a chaos dream plane would look like.

Funding for the publication of my RPG module!

Hey everyone,

The Kickstarter for the publication of my Pathfinder (OGL) module, The Tomb of Kochun, has gone live! If you donate towards its publication, you get will get some phat loot as well!

Full color pdf version of the game.
Estimated Delivery: Mar 2012
Full color printed version of the book, signed by me and the writers.
Estimated Delivery: Apr 2012
Full color printed version of the book, signed by us and an original sketch in the front pages.
Estimated Delivery: Apr 2012

Click the logo below to visit the project:

The importance of contracts for Illustrators

So I make art because I have to. If I do not, I think I would shrivel up into a little ball of despair and roll into some dark corner. I love to create things, whether its costumes, painting or fiction, my mind has to working on 4 projects at once (no that’s not a specific number, but it seems the most reasonable). One of my dreams as a kid was to grow up and paint a cover for Dragonlance¬† or Dungeons and Dragons. As I have gotten older I have realized that is not really my style, but I still love to paint fantasy illustrations. I am in a great place because I do not have to make a living from my art, because my costuming business pays the bills. But that does not mean that if I do a piece for a company that they can ignore an agreed upon payment for whatever reason. Continue reading The importance of contracts for Illustrators

New Video

So I am revamping my art site and basically integrating everything into my wordpress blog. That way it is all on one place for everyone to check out.

I just finished my multimedia page, which is what the other art gallery pages will mimic.

I also uploaded a new(ish) video. I finished this one in 2009, but this is its debut on the web.

Click the image to watch.

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