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creepy holidays

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my own take of the holiday season. i learned of the krampus last winter and i have wanted to draw him ever since then.

even though i do enjoy the christmas season for all its cheesy goodness (minus any religious feelings, though i do find spiritual happiness spending such good times with family and friends), i felt the krampus was more my style of holiday figure.

here is some info from wikipedia on him:

Krampus is a mythical creature recognized in alpine countries[1]. According to legend, Krampus accompanies St. Nicholas during the Christmas season, warning and punishing bad children, in contrast to St. Nicholas, who gives gifts to good children.

In many parts of Croatia, Krampus is described as a devil wearing a cloth sack around his waist and chains around his neck, ankles, and wrists. As a part of a tradition, when a child receives a gift from St. Nicolas he is given a golden branch to represent his good deeds throughout the year; however, if the child has misbehaved, Krampus will take the gifts for himself and leave only a silver branch to represent the child’s bad acts. Children are commonly scared into sleeping during the time St. Nicolas brings gifts by being told that if they are awake, Krampus will think they have been bad and will take them away in his sack.

seems his official day is Dec. 5th. i think i see a Krampus party in 2011…

this is also my first piece published online with a new addition to my inks – washes. i will have more published soon! see more of my ink work here: Ink Works

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