Strange Portrait – Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allen Poe, oil on panel, 11×14, 2013.

For sale at :

Aradani Studios Gallery

I started with Lovecraft, and then was commissioned to paint Poe. I think the final in the creepy series should be Stephen King.

I loved when we got to read Poe or other creepy things growing up, it is probably the reason I am so strange as an adult.


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New Art – The Watcher 2!

Well, As you have all seen this being worked on, you can now see it finished! I have been mailing out all the rewards to my kickstarter backers, and now it is available for sale!

The Watcher II, oil on panel, 18×24, 2013.

Get a print of the newest red dragon at:

I am already working on the next piece, which will be a 2’x3′ elf oil painting!


copyright 2013 m bielaczyc

The Watcher II is finished, and you can see it at Chattacon!

I have been working overtime on finished the new version of the Watcher, and its finally finished. As a review, I have repainted this because it was originally the first painting I professionally ever finished. That was in 2002. So I wanted to paint the same subject and see how far I had come.


Here it is, close to finished from a week ago.


I also launched a Kickstarter for preordering prints. which can be accessed below.


But this post is bout Chattacon, which is happening next weekend! I will have some newer work, but the Watcher II will be shown for the first time ever at the show! Paul and I will also be in the dealers room, so come visit!



New Kickstarter – The Watcher Oil Painting Print Run

Hey everyone,

The other day I spent some time at the easel painting and I was thinking of new ways to reach new art fans. I have had so much success at Kickstarter, I decided I wanted to try my hand at an art focused project.

One of the big gambles making art is that you spend long hours planning and executing a painting, then print costs come into play, which can often be an expensive gamble for the artist. I have often finished a painting, thought it was the best thing I have done, run a bunch of prints, then never have them sell. So with the latest painting, I wanted to use crowd-funding to see if it is worthwhile to run a large print run.

So I launched this:


 I am really excited about this painting, and hope that its worth running a large print run!