New Ink Art!

Here are some illustrations I did for the “Of Gods and Heroes” RPG system!

The Sorceress, ink on paper 9×12
Braving the Western Seas, ink on paper, 9×122
The Game, Ink on paper, 9×12
Octofight!, Ink on paper, 9×12

New work, published in SCiFi Now magazine

So this Fall has been busy. Very busy. Aradani Costumes has been taking up most of my time, plus I have been working full steam on the Elves of Uteria book. Add all of our normal shows, and it has gone by in a blur.

I often tell people you have to say no to projects sometimes when you can’t fulfill them or your schedule is too full, but then again sometimes you just can’t say no. I was contacted by SciFi Now magazine in the UK and asked to do 10 D&D style ink drawings of the the worst fantasy villains. How could I say no to that?

So I worked them into my schedule and the magazine came out the 20th, so I am finally able to post them!