Goodbye Gencon

So long and thanks for all the dice. It has been 18 years since my first professional GenCon, and 2022 will be the last I attend as such. It has been a great adventure and very fulfilling, a place I had wanted to be at ever since I saw the first ad in a Dragon … Read more

A Goblin’s Welcome

Just finished a new painting for DragonCon and I wanted to share an animation of how it came to be. It started as a sketch and I wanted to have a little fun with him. So Right into Corel Painter and a little while later:   Finished Image:

SmArt School

This year I signed up for SmArt School with Todd Lockwood. We have only had two sessions and I have already learned a lot. It seems that my 2D design and composition class I took 15 years ago didn’t really stick with me. Some very basic principles were either forgotten, or missed.  As I prep … Read more

New Art – The Crossing: Battle with the Varag

I used my new process of printing a digital underpainting on Epson watercolor paper. I then mounted it on framed birch and put a couple of layers of acrylic medium over top. After that it was all oils and glazes! For the Dark Return: The Crossing adventure book. Work in progress shots:  

A new way of making art

So a couple years back I figured out a neat way to have a sign company print my sketch straight to primed masonite. This made setting up a painting way easier than projecting my sketch to the board, mounting a sketch, or other tedious methods. This worked extremely well. The printed image, which was meant … Read more