Conan Exiles Art – Exiled Ritual

You all know all the projects I am constantly working on. The day job making hundreds of elf ears per day. Making art for the Brothers Bielaczyc art shows. Writing, producing, and playing the SagaBorn Roleplaying Game. So, believe it or not, I need a little downtime. And Conan Exiles is the go-to for my relaxation downtime. Building giant bases, running servers, fighting monsters, having a pirate character who looks like a blonde Jason Momoa, Conan Exiles is great.

And earlier this year, Funcom had a contest to make some Conan Exiles based artwork. Seeing that Conan Exiles is so important to me, I was excited to participate. It turns out that they liked the piece I made and it won one of the top three spots, which means it will be featured as a placeable object in the game!

Art of Michael Bielaczyc featured in Conan Exiles

Last night the crew over at Funcom shared the new Age of War, Chapter 3, which will include the painting for everyone. The previewed all the new stuff for the game, and gave a little screen time to my piece. Check it out here:

Own the Art

If you like the piece and want to hang it on your wall, you can purchase an 11×14 or 13×19 archival print here:

Exiled Ritual, Digital, 2023