Conan Exiles Art – Exiled Ritual

You all know all the projects I am constantly working on. The day job making hundreds of elf ears per day. Making art for the Brothers Bielaczyc art shows. Writing, producing, and playing the SagaBorn Roleplaying Game. So, believe it or not, I need a little downtime. And Conan Exiles is the go-to for my … Read more

A Goblin’s Welcome

Just finished a new painting for DragonCon and I wanted to share an animation of how it came to be. It started as a sketch and I wanted to have a little fun with him. So Right into Corel Painter and a little while later:   Finished Image:

SmArt School

This year I signed up for SmArt School with Todd Lockwood. We have only had two sessions and I have already learned a lot. It seems that my 2D design and composition class I took 15 years ago didn’t really stick with me. Some very basic principles were either forgotten, or missed.  As I prep … Read more

New Art – The Crossing: Battle with the Varag

I used my new process of printing a digital underpainting on Epson watercolor paper. I then mounted it on framed birch and put a couple of layers of acrylic medium over top. After that it was all oils and glazes! For the Dark Return: The Crossing adventure book. Work in progress shots:  

New Art – The First Family of Aradan

One of the longest paintings I have ever had on my easel. I have been working on this for over 10 years! I started this so long ago, I was not sure how to paint people with oil paints! The story behind this is that these is the couple that formed the Aradani Kingdom. Cellendur and … Read more