New (Old) Art – King

I forgot to post this painting last year! This is my homage to Stephen King, and the completion of my Trilogy of Terror!

New Art – The Elves of Uteria

The cover for my upcoming book, The Elves of Uteria!   If you like it enough, you can even buy a print! The Elves of Uteria print at the Aradani storefront.

The Painting of the Wyvere Battle

This Fall I finished this painting while taking Larry Elmore’s painting class. I took (bad cell phone) photos of it as I went along. I just wanted to share the step by step process of painting it!  

New work, published in SCiFi Now magazine

So this Fall has been busy. Very busy. Aradani Costumes has been taking up most of my time, plus I have been working full steam on the Elves of Uteria book. Add all of our normal shows, and it has gone by in a blur. I often tell people you have to say no to … Read more