New Art – Sirin

A demon from the other side inhabits this discarded corpse. She uses her magic to summon others from the darkness to torment the world. This is an oil painting for a just released SagaBorn RPG adventure – The Dead Gulch My website –¬†

The importance of contracts for Illustrators

So I make art because I have to. If I do not, I think I would shrivel up into a little ball of despair and roll into some dark corner. I love to create things, whether its costumes, painting or fiction, my mind has to working on 4 projects at once (no that’s not a specific number, but it seems the most reasonable). One of my dreams as a kid was to grow up and paint a cover for Dragonlance¬† or Dungeons and Dragons. As I have gotten older I have realized that is not really my style, but I still love to paint fantasy illustrations. I am in a great place because I do not have to make a living from my art, because my costuming business pays the bills. But that does not mean that if I do a piece for a company that they can ignore an agreed upon payment for whatever reason.

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