New work, published in SCiFi Now magazine

So this Fall has been busy. Very busy. Aradani Costumes has been taking up most of my time, plus I have been working full steam on the Elves of Uteria book. Add all of our normal shows, and it has gone by in a blur.

I often tell people you have to say no to projects sometimes when you can’t fulfill them or your schedule is too full, but then again sometimes you just can’t say no. I was contacted by SciFi Now magazine in the UK and asked to do 10 D&D style ink drawings of the the worst fantasy villains. How could I say no to that?

So I worked them into my schedule and the magazine came out the 20th, so I am finally able to post them!

Our next adventure – Libertycon!


So if you didn’t get enough of us at the Renaissance Festivals, we will be at Libertycon in 2 weeks! Paul and I will be special guests, which means we are on a ton of different panels for you to heckle us at.

The consuite is great at the show, the pools open 24 hours a day and the con staff is wonderful. I hope to see you there!


Oh and ps, the image on the flyer is what I painted for their badge this year!

Art Pact – A new way to help illustrators.

So anyone who knows me (or has spent anytime after hours at conventions listening to me), knows my strong feelings about the state of the art world. In the world of fantasy and sci fi illustration, we are often used, abused and tossed away. Now there are a group of guys who are trying to do something about it.

From Art Pact’s Facebook page:

artPACT is an organization dedicated to improving the working standards for illustrators. Check out an audio of its inception at
artPACT will be an online resource for illustrators, at first focusing on the fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and comic book genres. Once up and running, the artPACT website will have information for artists of all experience levels regarding contracts, copyrights, and alternative income solutions.
Most importantly, the artPACT website will feature an anonymous ratings system for companies. Members of artPACT will be able to log on and grade companies overs a variety of criteria such as amount of pay, timeliness of pay, granting of rights, and ease of work. These will be compiled into what will be an overall score for that company. This will allow artists to see, based on a companies rating, if it is one that they want to work for or not.
So right now they are running an Indiegogo campaign to help get the site going. I have already contributed and  hope you will as well!
Click here to help fund artPact!
Click here to help fund artPact!

Strange Portrait – Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allen Poe, oil on panel, 11×14, 2013.

For sale at :

Aradani Studios Gallery

I started with Lovecraft, and then was commissioned to paint Poe. I think the final in the creepy series should be Stephen King.

I loved when we got to read Poe or other creepy things growing up, it is probably the reason I am so strange as an adult.


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New Art – The Watcher 2!

Well, As you have all seen this being worked on, you can now see it finished! I have been mailing out all the rewards to my kickstarter backers, and now it is available for sale!

The Watcher II, oil on panel, 18×24, 2013.

Get a print of the newest red dragon at:

I am already working on the next piece, which will be a 2’x3′ elf oil painting!


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