Art Pact – A new way to help illustrators.

So anyone who knows me (or has spent anytime after hours at conventions listening to me), knows my strong feelings about the state of the art world. In the world of fantasy and sci fi illustration, we are often used, abused and tossed away. Now there are a group of guys who are trying to do something about it.

From Art Pact’s Facebook page:

artPACT is an organization dedicated to improving the working standards for illustrators. Check out an audio of its inception at
artPACT will be an online resource for illustrators, at first focusing on the fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and comic book genres. Once up and running, the artPACT website will have information for artists of all experience levels regarding contracts, copyrights, and alternative income solutions.
Most importantly, the artPACT website will feature an anonymous ratings system for companies. Members of artPACT will be able to log on and grade companies overs a variety of criteria such as amount of pay, timeliness of pay, granting of rights, and ease of work. These will be compiled into what will be an overall score for that company. This will allow artists to see, based on a companies rating, if it is one that they want to work for or not.
So right now they are running an Indiegogo campaign to help get the site going. I have already contributed and  hope you will as well!
Click here to help fund artPact!
Click here to help fund artPact!