no one will teach you how to defend against their logos, video animation, 2009


Transient Revival

Inner Struggle

Aeon, Video Animation, Runtime: 7m:46s, 2006.

Music by Dane Collins

Transient Revival, Video Installation, 2006. Inner Struggle, Video Animation, Runtime: 2m:00s, 2006.

New Venus Project

ignorance is strength


The New Venus, Digital Sculpture and Auction** Ignorance is Strength, Video Animation, Runtime: 1m:53s, 2006. Hero, Digital Presentation



**This digital sculpture was sold on ebay as a work of art. It was sold as the digital file which is no longer in my possesion. This was a comment on the types of art sold on ebay as figurative sculpture as well as digital objects, which in reality, do not exist.


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