For me, art is a way to tell a story. It's a way to show people a glimpse of the way I see things and the stories that rattle around in my head. Maybe also a way to make people ponder the greater, or lesser, things in life. If I make one or two people stop and think, or look at life in a little different way, then I would say I had created art.

More About the Artist

M Bielaczyc has sold his artwork worldwide in a variety of mediums and subjects. Never turning down an artistic job, Michael has also done storyboards for numerous independent films, worked with movie make-up effects and even acted.


Fine Art

  • Dec. 2002 - Art show at Spot Gallery Nashville, TN.
  • Spring 2003 - Untitled Art Show, Nashville TN.
  • Spring 2003 - Tennessee Renaissance Festival, Franklin , TN.
  • Summer 2003 - Untitled Art Show, Nashville TN.
  • Summer 2003 - Dragon*Con Art Show, Juried, Atlanta, GA.


  • Illustrations and fiction in the Riddle of Steel roleplaying system handbook.

Graphic Design


The New Venus, Mike Bielaczyc, Digital 2003.