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The Official Laura Jones and Michael Bielaczyc Wedding Page

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We are very excited to invite you to our wedding! Come celebrate the couple of the century, Laura and Michael as they combine their super powers on the 30th of June 2012.Our wedding will be a celebration of everything cool (and dorky), and we will have food, drinks, dancing, and more.Click here for our facebook event page for the latest in news.


The ceremony will begin at 5pm, and shouldn’t last longer than 20-30 minutes. I realize I neglected to include this information on the invitation. This is why we have the event page!

We will provide the kegs, liquor and wine! As long as everyone brings at least one healthy dish, there should be plenty of food.

Our neighbors to either side of us have offered up their driveways to park that evening. Please do not park on the street. Try to carpool if you can. If we run out of spaces, there is ample parking at the top of the street at the Inglewood Library. I we run out of spaces, and you don’t think you can walk a block from the library, we will have someone pick you up. Its a safe area, so you don’t have to worry about that.

We are trying to come up with ideas for an outside play area that will be great for children and adult entertainment. We’re thinking several yard games would be great, such as corn-holing, hula-hoops, etc. Any ideas would be helpful. We will probably also have the Karaoke going if we figure out how to set a sound system up outside.

If anyone is willing to loan us tables that we can use that day, it would be very helpful. They would need to be waterproof and easily transportable. We are renting chairs, and possibly round tables if need be.

If there is anything else that I forgot to mention, I will post an update! I can’t wait to see your lovely faces! Like I said before, we totally understand if some of you can’t make it due to distance and money.

If you have been invited but didn’t receive a card in the mail, I sincerely apologize. We only had about 110 usable invitations to send out, so we ran a little short.

Since we are spending so much money on other things, this wedding is potluck style. So bring food please and your lovely faces!

This event isn’t super formal, and its basically going to be one giant party, so lets make it a night to remember!
We have many friends coming in from out of town, so we can not provide space at our house, but there are plenty of hotels right around the corner. If anyone needs help with that, send me an email!

We are not registered anywhere for gifts, but if you would like to donate towards our Honeymoon, you can donate with the Paypal button below.

Photos of our journey so far:

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