Con Recap – GMX v3 2011

So first off, I realize I have been writing reviews of conventions, but I have not really let people know who I am and how that affects my view of the conventions I attend.  I am an artist, a dealer (selling art and costumes), and often a guest at many conventions.  I spend most of my day at a table, signing art or putting elf ears on customers.  This means I miss most panels that I am not on and often cannot stay up as late as others when partying late into the night (although, what I miss in time, I try to make up in intensity).

At this year’s GMX I am all of the above.  As a featured guest, I only had a few panels, but we had a setup in the dealers room and art in the artist alley.

That being set up, here is my experience of GMX v3 2011:

Arrival went smoothly.  We got our badges and bracelets and set up at our tables.  All the con staff was really friendly and helped us get set up and ready for the show.  When I walked by registration it seemed the line was moving quickly and everyone was in a good mood.  Even by two o’clock on Friday, the halls were starting to get crowded.

The dealers room was large and had a good assortment of goods, guests, and vendors.  The artist alley was a little small – just Paul and I, two web comics (Fruit! And Trouble Ticket), and an energy drink vendor.  Traffic was slow at the end of the hall and the wall was leaking water behind our booth (which we didn’t want to bring up to the hotel in case they moved us to an even worse place).

As it got close to closing time we had to judge the art contest, which was a lot of fun, and it was really great to give back to the con community by providing critique to aspiring artists. The art contest panel was Paul BielaczycSam Flegal, and me.  After that it was time for a quick dinner and then back for the late night festivities.  Last year we had a great time at the Frolicon Friday night “Dead Celebrities” party, so we couldn’t wait to see what was in store for us this year.  The 501st‘s party was both nights and on Friday it was jam packed.  After having a cup of some strange purple concoction, I had to step out of the room because it was packed tighter than a spaceship full of tribbles (yes, I’m making a Star Trek crack talking about a Star Wars party, the 501st guys might take me down next time I see them… well I’d be worried if stormtroopers could aim worth a damn).

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